$19 for a 2-pk 16-oz Jarrow Formulas organic extra-virgin coconut oil…is this a deal?

Groupon is offering two 16-ounce tubs of Jarrow Formulas organic extra-virgin coconut oil for $19 with free shipping. This is not a deal! If you have access to a Trader Joe’s, they sell a 1-16 oz glass jar for $5.99. I hear Costco has a 54oz jar for $15.99 and a 78oz for $21.99. Whole Foods 365 brand is $7.99 for a 16oz jar.  Amazon has a 16oz jar for $7.97 with the Subscribe & Save option (free shipping).

I love me some coconut oil. I use it for so many things: cooking, skin, hair, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, internal and external care for my dog, immune support, etc. Check out this, this, this and this for more ideas on what to do with it. Always purchase organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil!

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